Product introduction

EMQ X MQTT Cloud is an EMQ X online PaaS service provided by the EMQ team.

In the past few years, EMQ has provided mature MQTT IOT message middleware and IOT platform related support services for many customers. During this period, we have accumulated a wealth of practical experience in IoT platform design, operation and maintenance management. On this basis, we launched EMQ X MQTT Cloud, an IoT platform public cloud service, which provides EMQ x access platform services with a one-stop operation and maintenance  management and a unique isolated environment.

EMQ X MQTT Cloud provides secure and reliable two-way communication capabilities for applications and devices. It also provides other value-added capabilities, such as device management, rule engine, data persistence, and Kafka data bridging, while supporting large-scale clusters and massive device connections. It covers all kinds of IOT application scenarios and retains the customization and expansion capabilities of privatization.

EMQ X MQTT Cloud Features

Rapid deployment, rapid expansion, and flexible monthly billing

Automatically initialize online services and complete cluster upgrades or deployments within minutes; billing is based on usage each month, with increasing capacity at any time to save usage costs

Fully managed operation and maintenance

Our global service support team and EMQ experts provide 7 * 24 uninterrupted operation and maintenance services, and you can get quick response through ticket, email, and phone at any time.

High availability and data security

Adopt highly redundant cluster architecture to ensure high availability of services; guarantee your data security and business stability through a unique isolation environment, and each deployment cluster has its own public IP, dedicated VPC network, independent EMQ X server and database server which is safer and more reliable.

Multiple protocol access, privatization and customization function expansion

Supports access to multiple communication protocols including MQTT, MQTT-SN, CoAP, LwM2M, and private TCP protocols, covering various industry applications; the privatization function can be customized according to your special use scenarios to fully meet business needs.

Best practices for IoT MQTT access

Fully consider how to implement functions such as load balancing, security and authentication, access control, etc., and plan server resources based on the number of connections and message throughput, which can effectively warn the server pressure caused by business growth and make flexible adjustments to specifications

Flexible data transfer solution

With an unlimited number of rules engines and data transfer services, support real-time preprocessing of device data and streaming to other services in your private deployment or public cloud for processing and storage.

If you have any questions about the EMQ X MQTT Cloud IoT Information Access Platform, you can contact us.

Use restrictions

To ensure platform resource quotas, quality of service for a single deployment, and the security of your account, EMQ X MQTT Cloud sets the following usage restrictions.

Account validity restrictions

For newly registered users, EMQ X MQTT Cloud requires you to pay $ 1 to verify the validity of the account. After successful verification, EMQ X MQTT Cloud will return the funds to your account in the form of vouchers for subsequent deductions. You cannot create any resources including trial deployment until account verification is successful. You can also manually verify by submitting a ticket.

Account resource limits

By default, the maximum resource that can be used by each account is  8 CPU cores , and the supported number for each type of deployment varies from  1-12  . Quota limits can be viewed in the Account Center. If you trigger resource limits during the creation and deployment process, you don't need to worry, please contact us through the ticket to quickly upgrade your High quota.

Deployment specification limits

At present, EMQ X MQTT Cloud provides deployment with the maximum number of connection lines 1K - 1M of different specifications. If you need deployment with larger specifications, please contact us through the ticket to provide you with more specifications.

Message frequency and message size limits

EMQ X MQTT Cloud depends on the frequency of messages you enter and the size of each message to calculate the required resources. If the value you enter exceeds any preset conditions, the calculation error will affect the deployment. Our preset scenario is limited to the frequency range  of 1 - 72000 messages / hour for each deployment, and the size of a single message is limited to 0.1 - 16384 KB.  If any restrictions is trigger during the creation process, please check whether the input value is required by your real business, or contact us through the ticket to adjust the scenario restrictions for you.

Account registration