EMQ X MQTT Cloud is billed on a monthly basis, with increasing capacity at any time and saving on usage costs.

Billing item

EMQ X MQTT Cloud comprehensively bills each deployment based on the selected cloud computing platform, region, maximum connection specifications, message rate and message size in the actual business scenario , and enabled value-added features.

Before creating a deployment, EMQ X MQTT Cloud will estimate the usage cost based on your deployment choices. Due to different actual usage, there may be differences between the estimated cost and the actual cost.

The specific billing items are shown in the following table:

EMQ clusterEMQ cluster is the basic usage fee. This part of the charging item depends on the selected maximum connection number specification, message rate and message size. The estimated fee of this part will not change in actual use.
Traffic usageThe cost of actual device communication traffic is calculated based on the actual usage provided by the cloud provider.  It will show estimated traffic usage costs when Billing estimates are in excess of $ 100, and there may be discrepancies between estimated and actual costs.
Advanced FeaturesDatabase clusters, Kafka message bridging and other advanced functions are charged extra fees. The billing method and fees depend on the billing strategy of each function.

Tips: EMQ X MQTT Cloud offers new user benefits for a long time. In addition to the accumulated funds activity, you can also submit your project information through a ticket or mail to request more offers from salespeople.

Billing cycle

EMQ X MQTT Cloud accumulates bills on an hourly basis and completes billing settlement once a month.

EMQ X MQTT Cloud Hourly statistics settlement of account consumption in the last hour (hourly bill) and accumulate to the current month's consumption (monthly bill), you can go to Billing ->  Bills page Estimated Hourly Charge value to view the hourly bill, and view the charge status for the current month from   Charges This Month  value.

Billing time

On the 1st of every natural month,  EMQ X MQTT Cloud will settle the account's accumulated charges for the previous month and generate a total bill for that month. We will send the bill to your account registration email as soon as possible. Please complete the bill payment in time after receiving the bill. Before the bill payment, you can still use the resources in the bill normally, but you cannot create a new deployment.

Overdue bill processing rules

The 3rd day of the month when the bill has been issued is the service cessation date, and on the 5th of the month, the bill is overdue. We will continue to send a billing reminder to the account registration mailbox if the bill is not paid. After the bill is overdue, we will have to stop and recycle your deployment instance. The impact includes:

  • After the service cessation date, the on-bill deployment will be stopped, advanced billing features will be disabled, and your operating data will be retained until the overdue date;

  • If bill is not paid after the overdue date, We will reserve the right to recover the overdue bill arreared and destroy on-bill deployment, and clear the operation data. The lost data cannot be recovered.

Billing details and invoices

You can download detailed bills with hourly billing details on the Billing Page. EMQ X MQTT Cloud provides basic consumption bills. If your country or region requires special form of consumption bill, please contact us through the ticket to issue.

Specification and function adjustment fee

EMQ X MQTT Cloud supports dynamic expansion. You can adjust deployment specifications and function configurations at any time according to business growth and changes in business requirements.

After the adjustment of the specifications and functions, the next billing hour will be recalculated according to the new specifications.

Note: The adjustment of specifications and functions does not affect the billing cycle.


The voucher is a deductible coupon. You can view the vouchers under the user account in the EMQ X MQTT Cloud [Billing]> 【Credits】 page. Vouchers cannot be withdrawn or invoiced.

Access to vouchers

EMQ X MQTT Cloud issues vouchers to you through terms of service compensation, irregular marketing activities and sales contracts.

Instructions for using vouchers

  • When paying bills, use the voucher to automatically deduct the bill amount according to your current voucher holding status, and you only need to pay the total bill after deduction.

  • Please pay attention to the usage of the voucher, the voucher will become invalid when it expires.

  • When applying for a refund, the voucher does not support refund; and the voucher does not support extension of validity, withdrawal, and invoicing.

Voucher deduction rules

EMQ X MQTT Cloud will automatically use the vouchers under your account in the following order:

  1. By coupon type: Discount> Voucher> Compensation

  2. Among the same types of coupons: vouchers with a more recent expiration date> vouchers with a lower balance

  3. When neither of the above two can determine the order of deductions, they should be used in the order in which they were issued, and the vouchers issued earlier are preferred.

The usage is subject to the final bill display. If you have any questions during the use, you can contact us through the ticket.