Create a deployment

  1. Click on the New button

    Select the left menu Deployments -> New

  2. Choose a cloud service provider

    Only AWS is currently supported

  3. Choose region

    Only US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland) are currently supported

  4. Choose the maximum number of connections

    For a free trial please select 15-day free trial  

  5. Choose message rate and size

    • Simple estimate

      Fill in your estimated message reporting frequency and message body size per hour for hardware configuration and deployment price

    • Advanced estimation

      You can estimate hardware configuration and deployment price based on the QoS of the message reported by the device

  6. Select Authentication/ACL database cluster (optional)

    A dedicated PostgreSQL database cluster will be created for MQTT connection authentication and message publish/subscribe ACL data source. The PostgreSQL cluster is highly available – if the master is failover, the slave can be automatically elected as master. If you are not clear about this, you can firstly create an EMQ cluster, and the PostgreSQL database cluster can be created later.

  7. Select message bridge and persistence (optional)

    Kafka (coming soon): Save the message sent from the device to backend Kafka clusters. The Kafka cluster can be either managed by yourself, or using Kafka service managed by AWS (link).

  1. Create a deployment Preview the deployment information and agree to the user agreement to create a deployment

Delete deployment


Delete operations are only allowed when the deployment status is running. The service will stop and all client authentication, ACL data, and online connections will not be recovered. All configurations for this deployment will be deleted and service bills will stop. 

Delete deployment manually

  1. Click the deployment card to enter the deployment details, and click the delete button on the left

  2. Enter the deployment name and delete the deployment