General access

After the deployment initialization is complete, you can get basic deployment information on the Deployments> General  page:

Clients can connect through the address provided by Connect Address and the port in Connect Port. You can also bind this address to your domain name using CNAME.

If  Authentication is enabled, you also need to configure the corresponding authentication information for the client.

Connect using TLS

TLS connection port:  8883,  8084(websocket)

  1. Prerequisite

  2. Upload certificate

    Deployments > General > Certificates

  3. Test tls connection by MQTT.fx

Cancel TLS connection

  1. Prerequisite

    Canceling the TLS connection will close ports 8883, 8084, and permanently delete the TLS-associated certificate

  2. Delete certificate

Update TLS connection

  1. Prerequisite
    Updating TLS connection needs to upload new certificate

  2. Update certificate