We're here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact us via "Tickets" or in the following way if you have any questions: Email Support: Contact Sales:

How to create a ticket

You can contact us through the ticket if you encounter any problems during the use process. We will provide you with appropriate technical support, tool combinations, and expertise to solve the problem. You can click the "Tickets" button on the navigation bar to go to the ticket page. Click "New" on the ticket page to pop up the new dialog box. Enter the problem you encountered with a brief description, and we will reply and resolve related issues for the first time.

Payment instructions

EMQ X Cloud offers postpaid services and currently supports payment via PayPal. The deployment instance you created that month will accumulate billing until the first day of the next natural month (UTC time) and the bills will be refreshed on the EMQ Cloud billing page and sent to your account mailbox. The payment period is within 5 days from the date the bill is issued, and you will need to complete the billing payment within the payment period. Your deployment instance will be stopped and destroyed if overdue happens.

Backend & Bridge

Backend/Bridge supports persisting client messages to the database, bridging to other message queues, or even another MQTT Broker. We have a variety of processing options for selection, supporting resources in any cloud service such as AWS, Azure, private deployment and even your existing database and stream processing systems. Contact EMQ Cloud Expert via "Tickets" or to get support for immediate use.